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A Net-Zero Virtual Powerplant

There’s an energy here. It’s an energy that you’re creating. It starts with you, with the home you make and the loved ones who fill it. But this isn’t home as you’ve known it. This is the most innovative, state-of-the-art, patented site-built home you’ll ever own. Located in the beating heart of the vibrant, historic Cortez fishing village. In a state filled with boundless beauty. In a world that asks for a commitment to responsible living.

Intelligent Energy

A global leader in intelligent energy.

Our homes, designed with help from the Florida Solar Energy Center, a research institute at the University of Central Florida, are LEED-certified and give the word “efficient” a whole new meaning.

During the day when you’re away, Google’s Nest thermostat starts “pre-cooling” your home. In the evening, when the electric grid is usually working double-time, your home’s system gradually raises the temperature. Your house stays comfortable since it’s already cool, and the demand on the grid is lessened. Pearl Homes at Hunters Point anticipate your needs and execute them in a way that is clean and economical.

By incorporating Sonnen, the world’s leader in home energy management and storage, and solar in each home, we’re giving our residents a clean, reliable and long-lasting intelligent energy system that encourages greater energy independence.

98% Self Generated out of total daily use
Powered by Sonnen®, the world’s leading home energy management and storage company
Partnered with over six of the top U.S. energy organizations, including Energy Star and the U.S. Green Building Council.
Home Automation

Top of the line integration, made standard.

Every Pearl Home comes with the Google Home Smart Speaker & Home Assistant®. From lighting control to heating and air conditioning, to smart irrigation and home security, Pearl Homes’ systems and Google Home work seamlessly to create a smart home with serious green credentials. Other smart features include WaterSense high-efficiency fixtures and Hunter® Smart Irrigation (saving 2,500 gallons of water per home annually), EPA Energy Star appliances by GE® (reducing electricity use by 10-50 percent, and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

Home Design

Home Design

Here at Hunters Point, quality is not sacrificed in the pursuit of efficiency. Top-of-the-line energy efficient GE appliances are featured throughout. Each home is professionally designed and you’re involved every step of the way, ensuring your house feels like home.

Stainless Steel Appliances
Quartz Countertops
LED Can Lighting
Floating-Style Shelving
Hidden Storage

Thoughtful design, built with Florida charm.

Hunters Point Pearl Homes follows a simple guidepost: live well here. If life is all about achieving balance and enjoying its beautiful moments, there’s no more ideal venue than this.

Your life well-lived starts here.

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